29 October 2014

Food photo - food styling for fast food Burger Max

In the end of February we received an order on food photography from one of the fast food restaurant in Kiev. The partnership was pleasant on both sides so that the review wasted no time.

You have opened recently but already gained good reputation and customers love.What is your secret?


No secret at all.we just do what we like and enjoy it.we didn't think about the rules of successful fast food while planning the opening our first point of the burgermax.but we clearly understood that noone will buy burgers blindfold. So we decided we need tasty photos and the photographer who can realise our idea.


There are plenty of photographers in our country. how much time did you spend looking for the professional?

Surely you are right, but we needed a team of food-stylist and photographer. It was hard to find such professionals who can understand each other without words. We have repeatedly appealed to the services of the capital's food photography, but the result of our cooperation did not satisfied for us. Once, at the right time we caught the eye on a website with pictures of Odessa food-photo studio. Dishes on a laptop screen seemed to be real and very tasty. So we decided that we wanted to collaborate with these guys and arrived in sunny Odessa. At this time, the result of a partnership with food stylist and photographer was over our expectations. We had no problems with purchasing the appropriate products, with the search of a professional who could cook meals by our recipes. Igor and Lenya shoot on a turnkey basis.


But we are talking just about fast-food. Is it real need of bothering with food-stylist?



My team is a small club of perfectionists. When we are working on a new burger recipe, we do not include it in the menu until it becomes perfect. Although, excellence has no limit. The same with the photos, we wanted to recieved true, fresh photos and we did. Unfortunately, not every photographer manage with the challenge of reflecting the savouriness of dishes on the image. So after our collaboration with the Bagels Studio’s team and food stylist Igor Belonog I realized that it is not a good idea to order a shoot by a simple photographer. And it's certainly an important cost item on which it’s better not to save. So you want to say that the secret of your success is tasty photos of burgers? It’s one of the main components of Burgermax success. We have some items in our menu without photos and they are sold less than burgers from the tasty pictures. So in my opinion, good colourful photos are the best way of selling food.